The Farm is home to chickens that produce eggs. Pictures of the chickens and of their eggs can be seen below.

The chicken’s breed is called “Barred Plymouth Rocks”, but everybody in the chicken business shortens it to “Barred Rocks”. They are a heritage breed which means that they breed true and may sustain their flock, unlike the hybrid chickens used by the commercial flocks. They are popular for the home farmer as they are good at foraging, watching out for predators, and they breed easily.

This is how “North Carolina” got her name. The chickens started their life in the living room to ensure that they were never exposed to low temperatures, drafts or predators. If you do build a brooding area, put extra cardboard in the corners to round them out. Chicks tend to “pile up” when the are scared and if a corner exists the first one there may be injured when they can’t escape the pressure. Or like “North Carolina” you can fly the coop!

The parts of a plant you don’t like…Chickens LOVE and it is good for them. This is another example of how we try to utilize healthy symbiotic relationships.

Chickens love to roost up high. These chickens do not have their flight feathers removed, flight is part of a birds life. To be fair, they do more of an “assisted jump” than a flight. They have been seen eight feet up in a tree and “gliding/flapping frantically” down the entire hill.

Eggs produced by the chickens!

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