A great part of any farm, urban or full size, is chickens! Chickens eat your food and garden scraps and, in return, give you love (awwww), nutrient rich manure, and eggs!

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Chickens at Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm

At our Santa Rosa Farm we have 6 different popular home garden varieties of chickens. Each variety has a different look, level of friendliness, and egg color. Let’s meet the girls!






Variety Weight Egg Color Eggs per year Our Notes
Columbian Wyandotte 8 lbs cream to brown up to 200 friendly, put on weight quickly – good if you are looking to eat your roosters 
Golden Comet 5-6 lbs red-brown 250-300 friendly, fun chickens, each one might look different enough for you to tell them apart
Easter Egger 4 lbs blue, green, olive…? 200 Lisa’s top pick! Super friendly from day one, each one looks different so it’s easy to tell them apart, fun egg colors!
Silver Spangled Hamburg 4 lbs white 200+ beautiful, good at foraging, but shy and skiddish, great for avoiding predators but not a good choice for those who like to hold their birds
Barred Plymouth Rock 6 lbs light brown 200-300 Dave’s top pick! a great backyard variety, easy to pick up, enjoy sitting in your lap, great at watching out for threats and hiding from predators
Buff Orpington 6-8 lbs light brown 150 super friendly, we call them the lap-dog of chickens, they enjoy cuddling and sitting in your lap and are very calm

Our chickens were born July 20, 2016. Below are pictures of the girls at just a few days old and 8 weeks old. We have to wait for the chickens to grow up before we can include the adult chicken picture!

Columbian Wyandotte








Golden Comet








Easter Egger








Silver Spangled Hamburg









Barred Plymouth Rock










Buff Orpington












At our Cupertino location we had a flock of “Barred Plymouth Rocks”. They are a heritage breed which means that they breed true and may sustain their flock, unlike the hybrid chickens used by the commercial flocks. They are popular for the home farmer as they are good at foraging, watching out for predators, and they breed easily.

Chickens love to roost up high. These chickens do not have their flight feathers removed, flight is part of a birds life. To be fair, they do more of an “assisted jump” than a flight. They have been seen eight feet up in a tree and “gliding/flapping frantically” down the entire hill.

Barred Plymouth Rock eggs are light brown.

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