Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is important for many reasons including

preventing depletion of the soil

and preventing diseases and parasites.

You don’t have to follow a specific rotation to get the benefits. Just planting a different type of crop then you grew previously in the spot will be highly beneficial. ie: plant tomatoes where cucumbers were last year and hide from the tomato hornworm!

A Perfectionist Crop Rotation

Order of rotation = 1  ->    2   ->     3  ->     4  ->  1

  1. Legume – fixes nitrogen (ex: beans)
  2. Leaf – need nitrogen       (ex: lettuce)
  3. Fruit – need phosphorus but little nitrogen  (ex: tomatoes)
  4. Root – need less nutrients than the rest, and pulls up nutrients from down below        (ex: carrots)

Below is a sample crop rotation of 8 zones. The top left is what was planted there the year before, and the top right is what will follow next year.

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