“Spending the day at Hummingbird Farm was such a delight! I didn’t expect to learn so many things AND be able to take that knowledge back to my home garden. Lisa and Dave are extremely friendly and well-informed on all things dairy, horticulture, beer, & sustainability. We enjoyed the different food lessons (best part is we saw the making of the items in the morning & then got to eat them in the afternoon) and appreciated the open conversations throughout the day. Dave & Lisa loved answering all the questions we had and gave us great tips on starting our own Urban Farm. I would absolutely recommend this Social Impact Experience, especially if you want to hang out with some friendly farm chickens!” ~ Julian, San Francisco, CA

Come Experience the Farm for a Day! 

Learn how to:

-brew all-grain craft beer,

-bake crackers from the beer grain,

-make cheese you can eat right away,

-and be a Farmer… for a day

with our Airbnb Experience! Learn More


Reservations are made through Airbnb Experiences.      ~Don’t yet have an Airbnb account?~  Use this link to create your account and get a $40 Airbnb credit! http://www.airbnb.com/c/daveandlisaw


Learn to Brew – Farm – Play with Chickens – Eat and Drink!

Get hands on learning in the veggie garden, orchard, home-brewery and play with chickens! Learn tips to start seeds and how to grow healthy and delicious food. Help make craft beer with Farm Fresh ingredients. Experience how to make crackers with spent grain (barley from brewing) and cheese. With all this food/drink talk: enjoy food and drinks the farm produces on one of the many breaks.

Delicious Food and Drinks

Farm Fresh Meal
Fresh picked food tastes so much better! We feature what is harvesting right now at our Farm, for a one of a kind taste!
Farm-Made beer/soda
Taste our brews on tap. We also make soda on site for a non-alcoholic version of Farm in a cup.
Farm Crackers & Cheese!
Spent Grain (grains used in brewing) are a fun addition to crackers. You get to try the cheese you learned how to make!

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“I came across this Airbnb experience and was looking for something fun to do with my friends who share an interest in gardening. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it turned out to be the most amazingly fun and educational day! Lisa and Dave know their stuff and taught us everything about growing vegetables and herbs, planting trees, making cheese, yogurt, and beer, and raising chickens. I had no idea that chickens could be so friendly (seriously, we wanted to take them all home with us). If you want to have a truly unique experience and learn a ton about urban agriculture in a fun setting, this is it, folks.” ~ Karyn, San Francisco, CA

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