Experimental Corn

Never-before seen new varieties of corn!

Striped Corn

You can make your own varieties of corn at home very easily!  This page follows our three year crossing experiment of an ornamental variety (Candy Stripe) with a favorite good eating heirloom (Golden Bantam) in an attempt to produce a variety of corn that looks beautiful in your garden, looks amazingly unique on your dinner table and most importantly tastes better than any other corn!

Corn Breeding Basics

Each corn plant is a hermaphrodite; the tassels at the top spread the male pollen and the corn you eat is the female flower. More amazing, each kernel of corn is connected to its own silk that reaches to the top and out the tip of the husk to gather pollen.  If you cut off the tassels of a plant before it reaches sexual maturity, it becomes a female plant only and unable to self pollinate.  To make a male plant you don’t have to do anything to it, leaving it as a hermaphrodite aTo cross you plant one variety in alternating rows with another and choose one to be the male and one to be the female, then gather seeds from the female as the male seeds are self pollinated ones.

First Year

Second Year

Third Year



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