Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy what you produce (eggs, chickens, veggies, beer, etc)?

No. We currently give away what we produce for free to our guests.  The beer is free; but, can only be enjoyed at the Farm and you must present an ID (regardless of how old you think you look).

Giving stuff away for free helps our Farm grow, and we may at some point get to a size where we can sell what we produce.


2. I can’t find your address, where are you located?

We only share our address with guests who hold a reservation to visit.

For planning purposes we are located near downtown Santa Rosa. Our previous location was in Cupertino.


3. What is the best way to visit?

Airbnb – Stay with us in the heart of wine country. Bring your pet, we love dogs, cats, birds, hamsters…!

Farm Tours – Great for individuals, small groups, and families. Learn all about the Farm without the commitment of volunteering.

Volunteer – Great for energetic individuals or couples. Help out the Farm with your time and learn hands-on.


4. How do you make money for the Farm’s operating costs?

The only money our Farm takes in, is from donations from people like you. This is why every donation that comes in is so important to us, whether it comes as money or in the form of items that we need. Every dollar that comes in helps us keep educating our community!


5. What can I donate to help?

Monetary donations help pay for chicken feed, necessary supplies and tools, and new projects and expansions. You can make a donation when you visit the Farm or online with PayPal here.

There are also many items that we need. Email us to ask if we are interested in what you have to donate: farmers@hollyhillhummingbird.com


6. Can I bring friends with me to volunteer?

Only if they apply too.

If you have applied and reserved your spot for the next volunteer orientation, you are welcome to tell your friends about the Farm and encourage them to apply as well. However, they cannot come until they have made their own reservation by sending us an application email and receiving an invitation to the orientation.


7. Can kids come to the Farm?

Our Farm is fun and very educational for children. They are welcome on Farm Tours.

For safety, those under 18 years old are not allowed to come to the Farm on volunteer days.


8. Can you take in my hen/rooster that I can no longer care for?

Unfortunately, no. Our chickens have been hand raised by us to be friendly. We also cannot risk any illnesses being brought into our flock.

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