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***Update November 2016***

We are currently closed to Farm to Picnics while we develop our new Santa Rosa location.  The webpage below contains photos from our previous farm in Cupertino and will be updated when we open again.

***Update November 2016***


Eat amazing food in the Farm it was grown in!

(Photos courtesy of Kelly Hsiao Photography)

Savor elegant appetizers and delicious and hearty entrees, all made with the food grown steps away from you. Absorb all the information you just received on your educational and fun Farm tour. It’s a completely unique experience in the Bay Area – a Farm to Picnic at Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm.

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Overview of a Farm to Picnic
How to reserve a table
Suggested donation
Overview of tables
Sample menu
Future plans



Overview of a Farm to Picnic
What makes us so different?  Why should Michelin suggest we are worth a “special journey”, as opposed to just a “detour”???

We give you more by taking away the walls and roof!  The food you are eating, is all around you.

Your visit begins with a one hour full guided private tour around the Farm.  You will walk with the chickens, rotate around the 8 garden boxes, interlude under the grape arbor, explore the orchard, gaze at the hop yard and look out over the rural canyon with the great view from the top.  Don’t forget to swing through the home brewery for a quick lesson “from Mash to Keg.”

Your party will then be seated at one of our tables set in a secluded spot of the Farm, as our only guests.  We will rush up some bread, seasonal herb infused butter and of course some of the Farm’s finest drinks!  Then your party sits back and watches your food picked before your eyes.  Have you ever had a salad picked moments before?  The meal lasts two hours and ends with a wonderful desert.  We are always looking for a reason to put a candle on one of our creations, so let us know if you are celebrating a birthday/anniversary/proposal/your dog’s first bark (or whatever is big news to you)!

You and your group are our only guests for the duration of your Farm to Picnic. Children are welcome and can be as loud as they would like, no embarrassment here. Prefer the peace and quiet? Our Farm is located in a serene canyon, you will only hear the birds calling in the sky and clucking in the coop.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Hsiao

See more pictures of people enjoying their Farm to Picnics in our album.


How to Reserve a Table

Our Farm to Picnics are only held on the first and third Saturday of every month.  We offer only three meals to three lucky groups on these dates:  breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Your first step is to email us with:
1) Your preferred date(s).  Please remember to pick only the first and third Saturday of any month.
2) Your preferred meal(s).  Breakfast starts at sunrise.  Lunch starts at noon.  Dinner ends at sunset (picture on left).
3) How many people will be in your party
4) Which table(s) you prefer, if any.
Please feel free to use this link and email us at  Hopefully we have no schedule conflicts and we email you back with the good news.

Suggested donation

You look like a king and/or queen to your friends when they don’t see a bill at the end of the meal.  We suggest a donation based on which table you would like to be seated at.  You may come alone or bring the maximum number of people for that table.  These tables are here to say thank you to our Elephants (Powerful people who know what they believe in and make big differences).


Overview of tables

The Garden Table:

This was our first table, and has recently been updated to accommodate a large group!  It faces the group looking uphill at the entire Farm.  You are so close to the garden that your table is fixed to one of our garden boxes and plants touch your table!

This is our most popular table and up to ten people may dine here.


Suggested donations for the reservation of a Farm to Picnic at the Garden Table:

Number of Guests –  Suggested Donation
2  –  $120
3  –  $175
4  –  $220
5  –  $260
6  –  $300
7  –  $330
8  –  $355
9  –  $380
10  –  $400

The Grape Arbor Table:

The grapes are growing over a wall and roof encapsulating this romantic table for two.  You are seated together facing the same direction looking into the upper garden, orchard and hop yard.

This table holds up to two people. Suggested Donation: $120 for the reservation.


The Brewer’s Archway Table:

This table is halfway up the hillside and made for Brewers and Beer lovers!  You are seated near our volunteer built archway.  Seasonally, there are two types of hops growing over the archway along with wheat and barley not very far from your chair.

Up to four people may savor and sip at this location. Suggested Donation: $340 for the reservation.



The Last Supper Table:

Now that the trail to the top of the orchard is done, we will soon have a table for up to six people looking out over the Farm, the canyon beyond and the park district behind that.  Sit atop our Farm with everyone at the same side of the table looking out at the garden and the view, which is pictured below…  Unlike da Vinci’s painting, only six people will fit at this table.

We are taking reservations for this table. Suggested donation of: $600 for the reservation.


To reduce trash and not waste food, we ask you to bring some containers to make your doggy bag.

To reserve your Farm to Picnic, email us at



Farm to Picnics make a great gift!

If you would like to give a Farm to Picnic as a gift, we email you a voucher that you can give the recipient. They can then reserve their Farm to Picnic on any of our available days when it works for them.

Makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries (so romantic!), graduations, holidays, new baby (no worries about the baby crying here!)…any gift giving occasion. Everyone loves good wholesome food and an amazing experience!




Sample menu

Each time you visit our farm we will have a new menu.  The menu for your picnic is set before you arrive to best highlight the food currently produced at our Farm.  We present you with a menu before we start showing you what you will be eating.  If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions – we will make sure those ingredients are not found in any of your food.  Here is a menu from a Farm to Picnic custom tailored for a beer lover’s surprise birthday dinner:

Farm to Picnic Menu (Example, each Picnic is different) :

Spent Grain Bread with Fresh Chives & Sage Butter

A handful of “spent grains” (used in brewing) makes a great treat for bread yeast, even our chickens love it.  Barley hulls are rich with an enzyme that converts starches to sugars for the yeast.  Starches, like those found in whole grains of dark rye and white hulled wheat, which we used to bake this bread fresh and hot.  The butter was whipped with fresh chives and sage from our garden; then allowed to sit for 24 hours of infusion!

Garden Fresh Salsa and Hot-n-Fresh Chips:

Straight from the garden: Tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers, onion, zucchini, parsley and corn.  Lisa provided her lemons for a citric acid bite.  The chips are hot, because we are making them fresh!

Devil went down to Georgia appetizer: Deviled Eggs

Our Barred Rock Hens hard work was hard boiled and served up into this country picnic must have.  Spicy brown mustard and apple cider vinegar give it that unique twist, learned while in Atlanta.

Watch us pick your Salad:

You will see us picking your tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, beets and a very tasty local delicacy – merlot lettuce.  This lettuce grows very well in our area, but loses flavor if any attempt is made to ship it.  Please choose from Lisa’s fresh sesame-ginger dressing or Steve’s own ranch dressing.

Main Course, Side Dish #1:  Monster Mash!

Our monster plants that feed us so much and grow so big – the squash and potatoes – all mashed up.

Main Course, Side Dish #2: Broccoli + Swiss Chard and Cheese

Our Broccoli de Cicco plus our Neon Swiss Chard are blended together with a bit of cheddar and bread crumbs to make them even better.

Main Course: Eggplant Margarita Pizza:

Some like to sing the chorus to Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair while picking the herbs from our garden.   Others insist that tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil be included in a homegrown and homemade sauce, as did we.  The dough is made with a blend of whole white wheat/bread flour.   Our own Homegrown Mount Hood Brown Ale is used instead of water or milk, leaving a hoppy undertone.  Don’t forget the Fresh Eggplant that goes through the bake and the Fresh Thai Basil and Early Girl Tomatoes to top after.

Zucchini Cake and Fresh Fruit:

The Zucchini cake is our unique twist on carrot cake. Enjoy it with fruit, fresh from the Garden!





Future plans needing Elephant sized support

There are up to 8 other locations on the property where we could build picnic tabled decks.  One location on top of the hill has a cabana planned for guests who wish to stay for a star gazing evening overlooking the silicon valley.  These locations will require a way for people to get to the top of our hill with ease.  We have plans for a hillside track car, funicular, or a gondola.  These things need support from more Elephants to make it work.  Please inquire if you would like to invest/donate more to get this final part of the project going.

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