Homestead Consulting

We specialize in working with the land to make the land work with you.

Turn your lawns into vegetables/grains/fruit and nut trees.

Transform that shady property corner into a chicken run!

We are here to help you establish a Homestead on your own piece of land.  Why struggle to find a good source for each part of your projects.  We have experts in each field waiting to educate you and show you the money saving tips that only an expert would know.

A team from the farm will visit your Homestead to give you advice or even help you build it, if you want the whole nine yards. We encourage the homesteaders to get out and do work with us; it’s part of the fun!  To the left Dave works with home owners while they cut redwood for garden boxes (centered) and plant blueberries (lower part of the picture).

This couple had four garden boxes installed and now enlists our Garden Manager (Lisa) for garden planning/planting.

The boxes were built custom to fit into the northern side of their property between dwarf fruit trees.  They were built with deep anchor posts to ensure people could sit on the sides, as seen below. Existing sprinklers and the lawn border were moved to accommodate the boxes. We focus on function and aesthetics.

Two other boxes were place on another part of the property, giving a four year crop rotation.  By moving each subsequent crop back and forth, we ensure pests don’t wake up next to last years crop.  Sand and composted chicken manure were mixed in to amend the local soil.  Dormant fruit trees were pruned to ensure optimum sun for the veggies.


Irrigation installation, planting, even help with harvesting are all services we provide.  We want you to have an abundant harvest!


If your project is great in size – we may organize a volunteer run community supported farm on your land.



Invite us over and show us what your dream is.  This homesteader didn’t want rocks, juniper brush, or a basketball hoop:  He wanted a field of barley!

You are encouraged to organize a team of your own friends to come out and help with the labor.  The rocks/weeds/hoop/brush were removed by such a team:

We offer advice on each aspect of what we do at our Farm, plus many more not mentioned.  Most of our consulting jobs have been around Chickens, Veggies, HomeBrew, Herbs (Medical and Seasoning), and Fruit and Nut Trees.  We may not have the total gambit of livestock on our farm, but we have extra staff members with experience in things not found at Hummingbird Farm.  For example, but not limited to: Goats, Sheep, Rabbits, Bees, Cows, Flax/Fiber, Loom/Weaving, Cheese Production.

We will send over our consulting team (made up of the experts you need for your specific projects).  The team will spend two-four hours touring your farm, testing the soil, making suggestions about terrain (southern slopes for more light…), suggesting crop rotations, suggesting solutions to pests you have noticed, designing a chicken coop/forage area, showing you how to use your loom, recommending sources for building supplies/livestock/equipment, designing a homebrew setup… Whatever you desire.

To get started email us directly or come over for a tour at our Farm.

Happy Homesteading!

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