How to Donate

Help the cause! Be a hummingbird and make your contribution…

Hollyhill Hummingbird Sustainable Farm greatly appreciates any donations to help us in our cause.
Your donation is tax deductible! Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt Nonprofit.

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Monetary donations go towards:

  • Organic Chicken feed
  • Irrigation supplies (ex: Drinking water safe hoses)
  • Supplies as needed for regular maintenance of the farm
  • Trees and other plants
  • Gopher baskets
  • Tools
  • Canning supplies
  • Specialty ingredients for the farm’s craft beer and soda making
  • Seeds
  • Ingredients for cooking the lunch for the volunteers
  • Supplies to expand the farm
  • Supplies for special projects at the farm


In addition to monetary donations (easily made through PayPal using the link above) we also accept donations of plants and items.


Being sustainable means using fewer resources, but it also sometimes means paying a little more to get something that was made better. At Hollyhill Hummingbird Sustainable Farm, we use sustainability to cut costs by:

  • getting used items donated to us, rather than having to buy them new
  • re-purposing materials to make what we need
  • feeding the chickens vegetable scraps from the garden and kitchen, which cuts down on the feed requirements
  • using the chicken manure as fertilizer in the garden


However, there are still many expenses to make the farm run.

When you donate to Hollyhill Hummingbird Sustainable Farm, you get the option to state what you want your donation to be used for! We will then send you a picture of your donation being used to pay for the intended purpose.

Here is Dave using a donation to buy the organic chicken feed for the Farm’s chickens.

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Help the cause! Be a hummingbird and make your contribution..

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