We welcome seeds of any type of vegetable, grain, or herb. If you aren’t sure, ask us!

We are also looking for these live, healthy plants:



Strawberries: Tioga, Aptos, Chandler, Fern, Hecker, Pajaro, Quinalt, Seascape and Sequoia



European: Black Monukka, Black Rose, Cardinal, Delight, Exotic, Flame Seedless, Perlette, Ribier, Ruby Seedless (King’s Ruby), Flame Tokay and White Malaga

American Hybrids: Black Muscat (Muscat Hamburgh), Catawba, Delaware, Delicatessen, Diamond, Golden Muscat, Iona, Jefferson, July Early Amber, Moscato d’Adda, Moscato di Terracina, New York Muscat, Niagra, Perle de Csaba, Queen of the Vineyard, Niabell, Niagra, Pierce, Suavis, Wapanuka and Xlnta



AVOCADO: Jim Bacon, Stewart


Oranges: Lane’s Late Navel, Robertson Navel, Valencia, Washington Navel

Mandarins: Clementine, Dancy, Encore, Fremont, Kara, Kinnow, Page, Satsuma (seedless)

Tangelos: Minneola

Lemons: Eureka, Lisbon, Meyer

Limes: Bearss

Grapefruit: Oro Blanco

Kumquats: Meiwa, Nagami


If you would like to donate any of these to Hummingbird Farm, please email us at

Thank you!



(Backyard Homestead, Urban Farm, and other Pacific Northwest focused books were used to help compile these lists, along with the Santa Clara Master Gardener Website)

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