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Organic brand we trust:  Modesto
When we can’t get a rideshare for our grain from Modesto, we pick up our grain at Mountain Feed and Farm Supply in Ben Lomond


We support a local kid startup!  Two kids from Saratoga with the help of their parents are making and selling watering buckets made from reclaimed buckets (Chinese fast food).  Because the buckets are reclaimed, they pass the savings to you! email:

Seeds They do not publish a paper seed catalog and their packaging is compostable!  A California based company with sustainable and community ideals at heart. Focus on organic seeds/rhizomes for the kitchen/brewer.  The spot to shop for Hummingbird Feeding Plants!  Also a great source for hard to find heirloom human feeding varieties to dazzle your friends.


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Our favorite homebrew shop is Morebeer!  They have a store in Los Altos with very kind and knowledgeable staff that is great at answering questions.

For kegging supplies we love the selection available with

Wholefoods in our own town of Cupertino has a reasonable selection of brewing equipment you might need in a pinch along with a limited selection of grains.  Don’t be surprised if the staff only know about wine and customers think you work there because you are using a grain mill.

We use to find recipes or grain bills.

Plant Starts and Trees

Yamagami Nursery has been dear to Cupertino for over 55 years!  They have a great diversity of plants ready to plant that are tested in our area.  They also donated pots when we asked for help with our seed planting activities for kids.

Wiersig Garden Plants is nestled in the foothills of Los Altos.  They strive to serve up unique varieties of vegetable, herb, and ornamental plants, as well as citrus and other fruit trees.  Visits are by appointment only.

Fabric/spinning/yarn/loom…anything handwoven



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