Urban Farm Tours

Urban Farm Tours in downtown Santa Rosa, California; a short walk from Historic Railroad Square; are held on the last Sunday of every month at 11am.

Come learn how we use organic and sustainable techniques along with the symbiosis of nature to produce an abundance of veggies, fruit and eggs in the heart of downtown.

The tour lasts around an hour.  After the tour, you are welcome to hang out with the chickens, feed the chickens, hold the chickens, take pictures with the chickens, or ask Dave and Lisa more questions.

Learn about companion planting in our veggie garden.  If you own a shovel, you can copy our raised bed garden free of charge!  Learn about our favorite varieties and what works best for us.  See how we use grey water to grow fruit.  Learn how easy and fun it is to own chickens along with cost saving tips like our re-claimed lumber coop or chicken nipples (a healthy and cheap way to water chickens).

Where: Please respect our home and only come on the last Sunday of the month. We will put the address up on this page on the day of the tour, so check back on August 28th 2016. We would love to have you come visit us on August 28th, please let us work on the farm the other days.

Cost: We only suggest a donation if you drive your gas powered car, half price for hybrids.  There is no suggested donation for those that arrive via electric cars, bikes, scooters, walking, ridding a horse…(non-petroleum based transport)
Suggested Donations:
$20 for each gas powered car – carpooling saves money and is better for the environment
$10 for each hybrid
FREE – if you arrive at our sustainable urban farm without burning oil

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