Bring the whole family down to Hummingbird Farm for our Farm Tours:

It is ok if you don’t bring your family.  Get a group of friends together, we prefer you carpool in one car.  Even better, come in a full electric vehicle, bikes, horseback…(not a gas powered car).




Eat and drink food and drink from our garden, in our garden at our Farm to Picnic:

(Those are potatoes growing up onto the table with Lisa’s Mom’s Roses on the table)






cBed and Breakfast with us and get your own private Farm Tour, a plush bed and a garden fresh breakfast!







Volunteer at our farm and make a difference:




Find out more about Elephants and how they help Hummingbird Farm:






Before any visit, Uncle Sam says, “Please sign the waiver

Hummingbird Farm says, “Please read our waiver for your own safety.  We tried to make it upbeat, while informing you of the many risks one may incur while visiting a farm.  Please sign the online waiver that doesn’t kill trees.

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