***Update April 2016***

We have closed our Cupertino location.  We have moved to Santa Rosa.  We will be temporarily closed while we develop our new location.

***Update April 2016***

“Thank you so much for having us today!  I enjoyed working on your farm and all your efforts in making my volunteer experience great- from the tour, to providing us with delicious lunch/soda/beer, sharing your fresh produce with us to take home, and especially your kindness and time.  I learned so much and felt good after working on your farm and spending a beautiful Sunday with you both and the rest of the volunteers.  What you do is so impressive and I wish you continued success.  I hope to come back soon.  Thanks again!
 -Best regards, Melisa”

Join the Challenge, Gain a Mastery and Make a Contribution by Volunteering!

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Sundays are Volunteer Days at Hummingbird Farm.  These are days open to Registered Volunteers only.  Volunteers may show up between 10am and 3pm (we close at 5pm) and pick up an activity with other Volunteers or for the more experienced, lead their own activity.



Volunteers mulching, planting seeds, and carving trails into the hillside.


Part of the fun of volunteering at our Farm is the chance to be in charge of something and gain a Mastery!

Lisa, our Garden Manager, leading a team in the garden

We are currently looking for the following positions to be filled:

  • Marketing Assistants – No experience necessary. We need people who like our Farm and want to spread the word about it. Duties would include writing emails, writing other marketing material, researching and collaborating on new ways to advertise, and other marketing tactics.
  • Carpenter – We have lots of things at the Farm that we would like built out of reclaimed redwood. Additional planter boxes and a large tool rack for example. If you have a passion and talent for creating, but no good outlet, look no further. Please apply with some pictures of things that you have built.
  • Brewmaster’s Assistants – Duties would include: Weighing hops/seasonings, prepping brew equipment, aiding with kegging/bottling, racking, general clean-up.  You must be available during the weekdays if you wish to aid in brewing; however we sometimes bottle/keg/rack on Sunday.
  • Gym Memberships (Save yourself $50+/month) – Give up going to a gym each month and start eating free veggies and eggs along with drinking free beer.  On Sundays, and other days during the week if needed, you will be expected to be able to do hard farm work; such as: dig, cut, chop, haul, climb, laugh, smile in the sun, chat with friends while they work, eat great meals made from the land you worked. Your workout will be shifted among different chores requiring different muscle groups.
  • Chefs – If you have some kind of specialty or formal training, please share.  Cooking is a wide subject and we do not want to limit what kind of skills we are looking for. You are expected to be available on the first and third Saturday of the month to help with our Farm to Picnics.
  • Cheese Maker – We are looking for someone who has made cheese before or just likes cheese and wants to learn all the ins and outs of how to make it.
  • Grain Field Manager (investment/barter required) – Lead teams of people in the sowing/harvest of wheat and barley.  You may start out by managing the small amounts of seed we have with small 10×4 foot patches between our baby orchard trees.  We would like to use hand tools, not a tractor.  If you want to really get the fields of grain going, a donation of $2000 will get enough fencing and irrigation for an acre of our undeveloped land.   Moving forward, we plan to secure contracts with our neighbors unused land and expand.
  • Yeast Master (investment/barter required) – Duties would include owning a yeast kit and keeping various strains of brewing yeast alive and clean (at your house or the Farm).  This job could be combined with the Bakery Manager or even a Cheese/Yogurt Maker if you like.  There are many parallels between all these jobs
  • Food Dehydrating Master – We want to build a food dehydrator for all our great veggies, fruit, and spent grain. Help us build it and become the expert on how we should dehydrate each food.
  • Rainwater Collector – We would like to harvest rainwater at the Farm to improve our sustainability. We need someone interested in helping us find reclaimed supplies and design and set up a system.
  • Pickler/Canner – Know how to pickle or can? Join us! Get veggies to pickle and teach others how it’s done.
  • Wood Fired Oven Crafter – Wood fired pizza anyone? If you are good at sculpting and would like a new medium or if you would like to become an expert on this ancient craft, then this would be a good fit for you.  Because we plan on using resources around the Farm (straw/mud), there is no cost to fund this.
  • Maltster (investment/barter required) – Take our barely and wheat from our fields and malt it! Build an innovative system for the Farm that sprouts and turns seeds.  From there we will move it to our pizza oven (see above) and kiln it.  You would be expected to do some research on how malting is done before starting.  To make sure you don’t go over budget with the design, you are required to fund the project.
  • >>Choose your own adventure – we can’t list all the jobs there are to do and we don’t want you to feel like these are the only jobs.  Have a passion? Let us know and we’ll see if that’s something we just might need at the Farm!

There is no need to pick a specific project. Many people just come out for the fun of helping on the Farm! Apply to be a regular volunteer.

For those interested in internship, apprenticeship, resume building, yes we gladly write letters and answer reference request calls for people who served as an intern, apprentice, farm hand, manager of Brewing Yeast operations (we don’t yet have this person, is it you?) – provided you actually did a satisfactory job with your respective position on the Farm.

Many people came to the Farm without a paying job and now have one.  They still come back to our Farm!  Proof that money isn’t everything!

Please see our “Meet the Staff” page to view the current list of volunteers and the things they are helping out with.

How to apply to be a volunteer:

Must be 18 or older to join in the fun of volunteering! 21 or older to drink the beer.

Children are welcome at Farm Tours, Volunteer Parties, and Farm to Picnics. If you have a child/children interesting in helping out, we do offer taking on a project at the Farm. Email us for more info.

Step 1:  Send an email to us:

Please send an email to humbirdfarm@gmail.com.  Please include the following things within your cover letter:

a) Name

b) Farm activities that interest you, even better share some those you have experience with

c) Days of the week you are available to help out at our Farm. Volunteer days are Sundays and Brewing Assistants are asked to come during a weekday if they wish to aid in brewing.

d) Some Educational/Work Background

e) *optional* Phone number and a good time you may be reached.

f) *optional/helpful* Attach your resume (pdf preferred)

Step 2: Fill out the online waiver:

Filling out the waiver is required by each person who comes to the Farm. You can (and it’s helpful to us) fill out the waiver before we even reply to your email.

Step 3: Come to New Volunteer Orientation:

You will start with a one hour tour of Hummingbird Farm to get acquainted and to provide you with free education.  After the tour you grab some gloves (we provide them) and you work on the Farm for at least a couple hours.  We take breaks often and we even provide you with a free lunch featuring fresh food from our Farm!

If you are interested in giving more, check out our Items Needed page to see if you have anything you would like to bring and donate. Currently trowels (hand shovels) and gloves are our most needed items.

Step 4: Come back on Sundays…

If you pass your first visit interview/orientation, return, without a reservation, to enjoy the Farm as a Volunteer.  We are open from 10am till 5pm on Sundays for registered volunteers to show up at anytime they like from 10 till 3.  Don’t forget to “Like” us on facebook.com/HummingbirdFarm to stay up to date with what is in season and free for Volunteers at the Farm.

Join us!!!     

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